Guitar Effects Pedals

Gary Hurst Guitar Effects PedalsThe year was 1965, the place, the back room of a Denmark Street music shop in London.

Guitarists were demanding a new sound from their amplifiers, one with more distortion and sustain. In walked Vic Flick the “James Bond theme” guitarist of the John Barry Seven, he showed his Maestro Fuzz Tone to Gary Hurst, the young electronics whizz kid of the time, asking him if he could improve upon the design and create something smoother with more sustain. Gary’s response was the creation of the, now legendary, prototype unit which he housed in a hand made wooden box. Hurst famously christened his unit the Tone Bender. He later supplied visionary guitarists like Jeff Beck, who used the unit extensively, and Jimmy Page who used this Tone Bender to create the legendary sound of the Led Zeppelin albums. The face of rock music was changed forever.

JMI are proud to have been working with Gary Hurst, one of the true legends of Rock ‘n’ Roll, since 1994. Our effects are 100% replicas of Gary’s original designs, and every detail is overseen by Gary himself. We can also exclusively announce that JMI will be releasing a reissue of the amazing Doubler effect designed and built by Gary in the mid 70’s. The original pedal was recently named as the “World’s Most Desirable Pedal” in an article by and authoritative English guitar magazine.

For more information from the designer Gary Hurst   watch our video.